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native people

traditions perservere...

12/8/08 12:45 am - main_framer - Новое ЖЖ сообщество / New LJ community.

Native americans.

12/2/08 07:49 pm - il_mio_gufo - Upcoming California Event

December 31 - January 1 2009

19th Annual Red Road New Years Eve Pow-Wow

Fresno convention center 848 M street, exhibit hall 1, all dancers and drums encouraged to attend, traditional dance of all ages, food and snack booths, arts and craft booths, aa. meeting, sobriety count down, plan on having fun bring your family your good spirits and your chairs.

11/18/08 09:17 pm - callisto24 - Blizzard

One place to send donations for heat for Pine Ridge is


Republic of Lakotah

RE: Twelfth Day of Snow Emergency

Many hundreds of American Indians still snowbound and without electrical power or water on Pine Ridge Reservation.

Here is another great support organization for Pine Ridge: http://friendsofpineridgereservation.org.

The organizer is in contact with groups on the rez (e.g. Cangleska) to make sure that the group sends only items that are needed and that those items are sent where they are needed.

Lakota Indepency

Republic of Lakotah

Peace and Justice for all!

National Day of MourningCollapse )

10/19/08 04:44 pm - callisto24 - Native Art




Viewfinder Photographs

moreCollapse )

5/20/08 10:48 am - juan_gandhi - Dine version of Google pages


Last year we had added Dine to the set of languages supported on Google pages. What it means? No, we did not translate anything. We have added the language; now we are waiting for volunteers to do the actual translation. We have volunteers translating Google to dozens of different languages. When there is a critical mass of translations, we work on adding these translations to live pages.

So, it would be great if volunteers could join these efforts of adapting Google to Dine.

If you have questions regarding this, please contact me (vpatryshev@google.com)

5/19/08 10:46 pm - ayeita - Why I love this man

CROW AGENCY, Mont. -- Sen. Barack Obama became the first American presidential candidate to visit the reservation of the Crow Nation, and in doing so was adopted into the nation under the Crow name "One Who Helps People Throughout the Land."

Drums pounded and the crowd cheered as Obama was escorted to the podium by his "new parents," Hartford and Mary Black Eagle, in the manner of a groom being walked down the aisle. Obama beamed. His adoptive parents gave Obama hugs as he stepped onto a riser to speak.

"I want to thank my new parents," he said. "The nicest parents you could ever want to know. I like my new name. Barack Black Eagle. That is a good name!"
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